The Best Cashback Credit Cards, The Easiest Way To Earn On Your Monthly Shop

Watch this and learn how you can earn from the best cashback credit cards!

The video above says it all. By not having one of the best cashback credit cards, you will be missing out on some major free cash throughout the year!

Imagine if you put all your spending on one cashback credit card, and were able to earn between 1% and 5% back in cash on everything that you have bought. At the end of the year, your cashback would amount to hundreds if not thousands. This is an opportunity too good not to miss!

cash back credit card ukBUT WAIT!! Do You Want To Know A Secret?

There is a way to earn even more from the best cash back credit cards!

The best cashback credit cards are currently with American Express, and Halifax. HOWEVER, if you apply for your cashback card through a cashback website, you will earn up to £94 in cash IN ADDITION to the cashback you will earn on your credit card! Sign up is free, so what do you have to lose!

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DO NOT sign up with the credit card company directly!

Join a cashback site for free, and search for American Express Platinum Cashback card and Halifax All in One Cashback cards. Click through your chosen link and earn your EXTRA CASH first! This is money for nothing, and will just add more to your cashback earnings!

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The Golden Rule For Maximum Gain

So you have earned your cashback, and now how your cashback card. The most important thing to remember now is when using cashback credit cards, or any credit cards at all, PAY THE BALANCE OFF IN FULL EVERY MONTH!! This way you will never be charged interest.

If you don’t pay your balance off in full, then you will be charged interest, which will eat into your cashback earnings, and we certainly don’t want that! Our credit card cash back is all for us!

cashback credit cardsWhen Do I Get Paid?

A lot of the best cashback credit cards pay the cashback on the anniversary date of you taking out the card. Just imagine receiving that nice little chunk of cash; holiday anyone?

With other cards, such as Tesco Bank, you will earn your clubcards throughout the year, as you would normally. View cards with cashback

What Are The Best Cashback Credit Cards?

There are two types of cashback credit cards. There are the cash back credit cards that give you the cash, such as American Express and Halifax, and there are also the retailer credit cards such as Tesco and Marks and Spencer, which give you back your cash in the form of vouchers and rewards.

It is worth looking at the retailer cards too, as the savings to you can be huge, particularly with Tesco Clubcard points, and these may work even better for you, depending on how you like to spend your cash!

To apply for a cashback credit card, as with all cards, you must be 18, a UK resident with good credit. If you have any credit issues, then the Capital One and Aqua card, would be your best options for earning cashback.

Our Pick Of The Best

Some of the best cashback credit cards and debit cards are American Express and Halifax. 

American Express cashback – 5% cashback for 3 months, 1.25% thereafter.

Halifax cashback – Shop with your Halifax credit or debit card, and earn up to 15% cashback.

However, the benefits do not end there! Instead of applying for these cash back credit cards UK directly. Go to a cashback website, and link to American Express or Halifax from there. You can earn an extra cash for just applying for your cash back credit card through your chosen cashback site. What is there not to love! Sign up for free and start earning

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Cashback Credit Card Rules Set In Stone

top cash back credit cardsPlease just remember to follow the what is cashback credit card golden rules, and you will always be the cash winner.

  1. Use cash back credit cards for all normal spending.
  2. Ensure you set up a direct debit to pay off the balance in full at the end of each month. Remember, any interest charges, will just eat into your cashback earnings.
  3. Pay off all debts before applying for any sort of credit card.
  4. Never use your cashback credit cards to withdraw cash. You will be charged a fee for this, and may be charged heavy interest on this money.
  5. Do not set up any recurring payments on your card. Whilst you are able to cancel them, they have historically caused issues for some card users, so are best avoided just in case.
  6. Avoid balance transfers on your cashback card. You will be charged for the balance transfer, but also the money transferred will take up some of your credit limit, and therefore give you less to spend with to earn your cashback.

It is best to keep your cashback card separate from any balance transfer cards.

The most important rule again though is, pay off the balance every month in full! Set up a direct debit to ensure this happens, and you get to reap of the rewards of a cashback card. Now you know what is cashback, there will be no end to the savings and earnings you will make FOR NOTHING!

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