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Important information when choosing a cashback site

cash back sitesThe most important thing that you need to do now is ensure that you are a member of the highest paying and most reliable cashback websites. Not all cashback sites are the same, and many do not offer as high payouts as the best cashback sites.

Quite a few cheap variation of cashback sites have appeared in the last few years, but these are nowhere near as good as the major players in the market, who will pay you the most commission, and as quickly as possible.

When did cashback sites first appear?

cash back websitesThe first cashback site appeared in the late 1990s in the US, and it has been the US, Canada, UK, followed by Australia that have led the way with cashback websites. There is now a huge growing awareness for what is cashback. 

Cashback websites are now appearing in the rest of the world, but are still growing at a huge rate in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, as many people still do not truly understand the benefit of these cashback sites.

As online shoppers become aware of the potential money they could be earning online, the best cashback sites are set to go from strength from strength, and hopefully websites such as what is cashback will help online shoppers to earn maximum cash. Click here to start earning cashback today!

So what are the best cashback websites?

There are a lot of poor imitation cash back sites, and only a few great cash back websites. Here are the best of the best, which we will split out by country.

The UK

cash back siteThere are 2 great websites in the UK, Topcashback and Quidco. It is worth signing up for both websites, as often they are offered exclusive deals from retailers, so it is highly recommended to be a member of both sites, so you can compare the cashback deals, to ensure you get the highest payout. Our finding is that Topcashback generally have better payouts, although Quidco do have some great exclusive deals, so it is essential to compare the deals every time you shop in order to get the best payout.

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top cashback sitesTopcashback

Established since 2005, Topcashback is our favourite and best cashback site in The UK.

top cash back sites

  • Gives you the highest payout – if you use this website for every purchase (day to day shopping, holidays, insurance etc), you will earn hundreds if not thousands per year, depending on your expenditure.
  • Has very satisfied customers
  • Easy to use website
  • Very reliable payouts
  • If you choose to get paid in vouchers (there is a huge choice), as opposed to cash, you will be paid an additional 5% on your earnings!
  • Features most of the best voucher code offers alongside the cashback you will earn
  • Earn extra with refer a friend program
  • Topcashback are now offering cashback from shopping in-store with it’s OnCard Cashback scheme. For example, if you shop in-store at Argos, you will earn 5% in cashback straight to your account, on top of any other offers.

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top cash back siteQuidco

Also established in 2005, Quidco is our second choice, and also a great website. We would always recommend being a member of both sites, and comparing deals.

top cash back site

  • Also gives high payouts, and offer exclusive deals
  • Voucher  codes available with cashback
  • Quidco now offers instore cashback, which allows you to earn between 1% and 3% in cashback when you shop in-store. All you need to do is register your card with them. The number of retailers offering in-store cashback is growing, and as Quidco expand on this area, this may give them the upperhand over Topcashback. Debenhams currently offer in-store cashback through Quidco, so it is essential to join if you shop there.

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Cashback Sites US, Canada and Worldwide

best cash back siteEbates

Founded in 1998, Ebates is the pioneer and leading cashback website worldwide. This website is open to members across the world, and if you are in the US, Canada in particular, but all other countries too, it is essential for you join this site.

There are always excellent cashback deals on Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Kohl’s too, so it is an absolute shopping essential for al US shoppers! This is our top international what is cashback recommendation!

best cash back sites

  • Large cashback payouts, up to 26%, and exclusive deals.
  • Ebates has paid out $250 million to members to date.
  • Offers all the best coupon codes
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Refer a friend program so you can earn extra cash

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best cashback siteTopcashback US

Topcashback launched in the US in 2011, and is just as good as it’s UK counterpart. As with Topcashback and Quidco in the UK, we would strongly recommend you join Ebates and Topcashback US in order to compare and get the highest cashback payout and deals everytime you shop online.

best cashback websites

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The Best Cashback Sites Are A Shopping Essential

All of these sites have millions of members who are earning huge amounts of cashback each year, and now you can too. Don’t miss out on the extra money that you could be earning!

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