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Ebates Review, Do Not Shop Online Until You Have Read This Important Information! | What Is Cashback? How Does Cashback Work?

Ebates (Now Rakuten) Review – How To Maximize Your Earnings Online!

DON’T shop until you’ve seen this Ebates Review!

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The First Is Still The Best

what is ebatesFounded way back in 1998, Ebates.com was the very first cashback website. It remains the best cashback website in terms of it’s high cashback payouts, reliable payments, and vast choice of online retailers. Ebates is the daddy, and we cannot recommend it enough!

Ebates is a US company, but the website is open to members across the world, and if you are in the US, Canada in particular, but all other countries too, it is essential for you join this site. the cashback deals are too good to miss out on, it’s literally money for nothing!

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Why We Love Rakuten\Ebates Cash Back

  • Ebates offers the largest cash payouts, up to 26% in cashback with exclusive deals!
  • You can now earn DOUBLE points here, leaving the competition in the mist!
  • Last year, Ebates has paid out $98 million to it’s members!
  • As well as cashback, you get access to all the best coupons, giving you a double whammy in savings!
  • You can refer friends and earn extra cash! Currently, if you refer 2 friends, you will earn $50!!
  • Sign up if completely free, so what are you waiting for!

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Tips To Earn Maximum Ebates Cash Back

ebat1. Use Ebates.com EVERYTIME you purchase something online. Try and get into the habit of visiting the site before you buy. Your cash will only mount up, if you remember to use the site!

2. Remember that you can use Ebate for absolutely EVERYTHING!! Whether this may be something for your home, a new bathroom, rug, bed, or something for a holiday, a flight, a hotel etc. From Absolute Vodka and Apple products, to Zen books and zips, you can get cashback on everything!!!

ebates reviews3. Forget the coupon sites, and head straight to Ebates.com. Here, you have access to all the highest saving and current coupon codes BUT you also get to earn cashback on your purchases. This is a double saving, and coupon code sites don’t even come close, as they are unable to offer you the cashback too.

4. NEVER FORGET to use Ebate for all your big purchases. Booking a vacation is a great example. 10% cashback on a $1000 purchase is $100 paid straight into your account, for doing absolutely nothing.

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Ebates Reviews

My Ebates.com Review – I have made $2,677 and counting!!

Amelia C from Berkeley, CA

ebates.com review“I have been a member of Ebates.com since, 2012, and wish I’d joined even sooner. So far, I have made $2.677, and as I am about to book a vacation and pay for some goods for my condo, this will go up considerably in the next couple of months.

A friend recommended Ebates.com to me, and told me how much she had earned in cashback. I didn’t really believe her at first, as the whole thing seemed too good too be true. I did some research online to understand what is cashback and how the cashback sites work. Cashback sites earn commission from retailers for your sale, and they also earn money from advertising. Once I grasped this concept, I could understand why cashback sites paid you money for shopping through their sites, and realized the cash opportunity I was missing out on.

I reviewed all the cashback websites online. I chose this site as it is the most established site, that always pays, and has the biggest commissions. This website has never failed me, so I am really happy to write an Ebates review and recommend this site.

My two important pieces of advice are firstly, always remember to go to your cashback website before you purchase anything online. Once you get into the habit of doing this, you will do this on auto-pilot.

Secondly, remember that you must use Ebates.com for absolutely everything. I have made a lot of commission from hotel and flight bookings, and it is always easy to forget to go to your cashback site when you are concentrating on getting your holiday booked. Just make sure you do, as you can earn up to 12% in cash back on your trip in some cases. I have often volunteered to do the bookings if I am going away with a group of girlfriends on a trip. They think I’m super organized of course, but little do they know that I am $120 richer too!

I also always make great money at Christmas, as everything single present I buy, I get online, and of course go through the Ebate website. I am about to carry out some work on my home, and of course, I will source as much of what I need online. I honestly can’t understand why people shop in-store. It’s much easier to source the cheapest price for a product online, and then you get the benefits of online coupon codes and cashback, saving you a ton of cash! As you can see I am a huge fan of this website, and who wouldn’t, it’s earned me $2,677 and counting!”

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We hope you will profit from this Ebates review, and start to earn yourself lots of cashback.

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