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Rakuten UK

Rakuten reviewRakuten UK is one of the fastest growing and most interesting websites online today. It is like a giant shopping centre or mall, with loads of cool and interesting different stores to browse. It sells everything from DVDs, video games, gifts, clothes, travel, music, books to home products.

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Every type of product is available here under one roof, and you get the benefit of viewing amazing, often UK homegrown products at excellent prices. There is also a high paying loyalty point scheme, called Rakuten Superpoints. These points will add up very quickly online, which you can convert to cash to buy even more products.

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Play.com is now the Rakuten marketplace and so much more!

Rakuten ShoppingRakuten bought Play.com in 2011, and the name of the website changed from Play.com to Rakuten at the end of 2014. However, the new Rakuten website is much much more, than just the old Play.com website.

There is still the same selection of products such as music and movies, but Rakuten.co.uk now offers a product selection that covers all product categories such as baby, fashion products, technology, sports and outdoor, video games, groceries, gifts, computing, the list goes on… with the added bonus of supporting UK independent retailers.

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Rakuten Superpoints Review

Rakuten pointsRakuten UK pay out the same value of points to its shoppers as Tesco, which is the highest paying loyalty scheme in the UK. This shows that they really means business, and want to reward their customers. Bring it on, we say!

As an added bonus, they are now giving £5 free in superpoints to new customers.

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This is the reason why we are reviewing this website on What Is Cashback. We believe in added value, and saving you money, whether this be in cash, cashback or points. This is one of the highest paying loyalty programs online, so it gets a huge thumbs up from us!

Rakuten Marketplace

Rakuten play ukRakuten.co.uk is similar to eBay and Amazon Marketplace, giving independent retailers a platform to sell their physical goods.

The company is very much into supporting local businesses, and provide an excellent platform for local producers and retailers to sell their products. Here are a couple of examples of retailer sites on the Rakuten website.

Rakuten UK is currently promoting UK independent retailers only, but plans to expand the site’s scope and support international merchants in the future. Furthermore, the company said customers would eventually be able to buy products “from the Rakuten marketplace worldwide.”

Rakuten reviewsRakuten Review

Bringing the worldwide clout of the Rakuten Group to the UK will be great for us shoppers, but also the local producers and retailers too, as it will offer the sellers the potential of much more international business. Browse store

The online shopping place just got smaller, and online shopping more interesting!

This shopping website is the same model that the company has perfected in Japan, and will give us the most diverse and interesting shopping website available worldwide. This will also be an incredible opportunity for the Rakuten UK retailers, as they will be able to trade to the international market.

This is a fascinating and unique company, that will continue to grow and grow, and shape the future of online shopping, so watch this space…

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Did You Know?

Rakuten is a Japanese internet company, based in Tokyo. The Rakuten Shopping Mall opened it’s doors online in 1997. Rakuten is the Japanese word for ‘optimism’.

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